cobra question


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Dec 25, 2007
New York
I need help kinda quickly if anyone on here can give me an answer. Are 1999-2004 Cobra side skirts all the same? Are the Cobra side skirts on a 1999 or 2000 Cobra the same exact same ones that would be on a Terminator? I have a chance to pick up a set for a good price but I don't know if they're what I'm looking for. Thanks in advance for the help.

Chris :nice:
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damn, these are the ones I want:

damn what a DEAL!!!! did you get all four pieces?

where did you find them so cheap?

Yup, I got all four pieces. :D I actually feared for my life during the transaction. I responded to an ad on craigslist, not knowing where they were located initially. I picked them up from a shady character in an alley in Jamaica, Queens! Haha! Luckily I made it out alive!

dam wish i got mine that cheap especially if they are in good condition.

They are in good condition meaning (to me) all mounting tabs are in place and not broken. It's scratched up and needs paint, but it's already the same silver as my car, so I can just scuff it and shoot it. :nice:
you cant carry in NY? when i went last year i kept my keltec 9mm in my coat pocket the whole time i walked around the city. do you not have a concealed carry law up there???

Haha, the only civilians who can carry concealed here in NY are private business owners who have a special permit for proving to a judge that they deposit a certain sum of money each month.