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it is possible for a high 12 but i would invest in an intercooler before running it hard. 9psi without an intercooler is a alot of boost especially for stock powdered rods and weak factory pistons. does it have the vortech aftercooler?
well everyone pretty much agrees about the et. but with that much boost and summer weather that car seriously needs an intercooler of some sort if it is to be street driven on pump gas. every major supercharger kit now above 8-9 psi are all intercooled to run pump gas and a decent tune.
Should run high to mid 12s with some DRs. My first trip to the track with just the supercharger and gears was a nightmare. I was on street tires and could not manage traction no matter how easy i was trying to launch the car. Basically just spun half way down the track.