code 63 on 91 gt


May 19, 2005
i posted a couple days ago but i cant find the post. i have a 91 gt and it keeps throwing the code 63. i have cleared it and it came back. we checked the TPS sensor and it seems to be fine but i guess it could be just bad even though it checks out ok. everytime i hit the gas i see the check engine light flash on and off. i tried to set the timing of the car at 10 but it wont run that good. i put it up to 20 and it runs a lot better. it is an automatic, when it is set at 10 i step on it and it is boggy and has no kick down. when i set it to 20 it is more driveable and has some kickdown to it when you step on it but not what it should be. can the setting of the timing and the tps sensor effect each other? im probably just going to go buy a new TPS sensor but do you guys think it will work and will it fix the way the car was running when set to the proper timing?
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