Comp Cams XE270HR


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Apr 25, 2000
Long Island, NY
I have AFR 165 heads and a ported cobra intake. I plan on 24# injectors. I was looking into the comp cams XE270HR. It has a 114 l/s so it should idle.
270/276 advertised
218/224 @.050
"512 lift both intake and exhaust with 1.6RR

I was wondering if my stock AFR valve springs would be good. Some people say it isn't but AFR says on the website that they are good to .550" lift.

Anyone with this cam?

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Not sure on the spring situation, but you may find the XE270hr-12 a better fit to your combination..I run it with scorpion 1.6's and the computer takes it all in very well..the idle/power curve is excellent for an OTS cam.
With a comp XE cam, you ARE changing valve springs end of discussion. Unless its worth potentially toasting a shortblock to save $120? With that said, why cheap out $50 on a shelf cam when you can make more power with a more aggressive custom? You ARE changing springs like I said. If you don't wanna change springs, put a tfs 1 in installed on a 108* centerline.
"My concern is if a 112 L/S cam will idle right in my car?

Also I was looking at the NX264 cam. Is that a better cam as described "

Its the overlap that causes the idle issues (which happens to be a product of vlv specs) and neither XE270-12 or XE270-14 have that much that it would be a concern. As for the NX cam it is even further bias towards exhaust so going by MYs comment it's going in the wrong direction.

I would run the XE270 (XE270-12) of the two Comp cams (comparing to the NX one you listed) but I wouldn't run the AFR stock springs. It's not so much the lift you need to worry about butmore the spring pressure to make sure vlv don't float.