Consistent BBQ Ticking noise coming from engine


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Dec 28, 2018
So I've only owned my 2017 Mustang GT for about 3 weeks (bought it used with 16km, so pretty new), and only today I noticed this sound.

I've read TONS of posts online about it but none of the videos sound like mine. While in those videos, the ticks sound every couple seconds, mine just seems to constantly tick at idle.
Its very consistent with the engine and has a consistent rhythm (follows the timing of the idle engine).

I've also had a recent oil change about a week ago, with 5W20 semi-blend which was recommended by Ford, so they cant say anything about me not putting the correct oil into the car.
It's weird because I'm very OCD about this car and I only noticed it now, so I'm thinking it only started recently?

Does this sound like something normal or should I take it to the dealer to get it checked out? I'd like to hear some of your opinions on this...

Check out this clip around 2:35, where CJ goes over rod knock. My car's tick sounds very much like this consistent ticking. My car also sounded quite loud even once warmed up...
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Mar 2, 2015
If you hear something that concerns you it's always a good idea to take it to the dealer. Even if they say it's normal there is a record of your concern if it gets worse. Hopefully, it's nothing serious. Always document your concerns with the car... it can help you if you have to fight a warranty claim. In the states Ford Carrie's a 5 year 60k mile warranty on the engine and transmission along with a few other things. The basic warranty for everything else is 3 years 36k.


Apr 25, 2019
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BBQ TICK CLASS ACTION. 2011 TO 2017 5.0 MUSTANG. Who is on board? My 2012 5.0 GT tick started at 17k miles in 2016 , took it to dealer, next day they said no problem found, an put nothing in service record that I ever brought it in, now it has 19687 miles and last week I took it out of storage and it has tick and rod knock at idle, called dealer, no record of complaint while under warrantee, tried to buy ford extended warrantee, they asked if it had tick, if so not coved by extended warrantee. This is B.S., there is enough on internet for class action to get ford to fix our cars, we just have to make them.
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