Engine Constant ticking/clicking noise 1989 Mustsng GT


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Jun 2, 2019
Hey I need some help identifying a new sound thats come up, it's this constant ticking noise, I can't distinguish if it's coming from under the car or from the engine bay. The noise only appears once the car has warmed up, on cold starts amd such there is no noise until about 15 minutes once the car is at operating temps, could this be an exhaust leak or something much more serious? Thanks I appreciate any help

Link to noise: View: https://youtu.be/3V6pA3wwFYM
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Mar 10, 2000
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Two possibilities:
1.) valve train noise due to valve lash adjustment or hydraulic lifter problems
2.) Exhaust manifold gasket leaking.

Spend a few $$ and buy an automotive stethoscope and probe on the valve cover to find any unusual noises once the engine has warmed enough to make the offending noise.

Exhaust manifold leaks make a similar sound to a noisy valve. If you didn't find a noisy valve, spend some $$ on a can of PB blaster and some new copper exhaust gaskets. Soak the exhaust bolts with the PB Blaster overnight.

Be sure to clean the gasket mating surfaces of all the old gasket material that may be stuck to them. Coat the bolt shanks, underside of the bolt heads and bolt threads with lots of Never Seez antiseize compound. You' be glad you did the next time you have to remove them; and yes there will be a next time...

Advance Auto Part # 80078

Look for gaskets with a slot for the bolts at the far ends of the gasket. That way you have 2 bolts still holding the exhaust manifold in place. That makes it a lot easier to install the gasket, it just drops in and sits on the end bolts..

See https://www.summitracing.com/search/part-type/exhaust-header-and-manifold-gaskets/make/ford/engine-size/5-0l-302/gasket-material/copper
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