Convertible Top Front Molding Lip?


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Aug 18, 2008
I am curious how to make the front "lip" that our foxes have/had. I am in need to replace my convertible top, but the previous top replacement just used the old, original, lip/molding piece. now it is just too faded and too far gone to use. It looks like it has a piece of cord or something in it to make it like a piece of piping similar to what is used on seat upholstery. Any help our guidance here would be great!

I am preparing myself to drill out the tack strips to rivet new ones in. Then replace the webbing that has completely broken. I have the top off and I am basically doing a blind install as there was not much left of the original top. Thanks for any help and guidance.
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I'll get out to the barn this afternoon and see if I can find the "old" piece to take a picture off. If you have a picture of where your top meets the top of the windshield, I can point it out to you.
I think this may be called a front welting? I see it on the older classics as a listed part, but not on foxes. I ordered my top from convertibletopguys and I sent them an e-mail asking what to do about this piece or if I could make my own form the leftover material at the front. This is the "pile" of fabric that touches the top of the windshield frame on our cars. If you were to pull back the front seal, you would more than likely see that this front lip is just stapled from the original.
That should come with your new top. Mine did. I just did a convertible top install on my '90 by using the DVD that's available to follow along. It turned out great and was the first time I have ever tried to do a top install.

I e-mailed convertibletopguys and they are sending out the piece I need. This will be a fun install as I have to replace everything on the top as none of it was salvageable or useable, not even for measuring. I have my 22gauge air stapler, rivet gun, glue, but the one thing I will just repair is the front plastic corners where a few staples are punched in. Mine are pretty cracked out, and the only thing I can do would be to find some type of plastic and put in place of it. I'm hoping they will hold fairly well even though they are cracked.