cooling problem


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May 8, 2010
Atlanta Ga
Having a cooling problem with my 96 cobra. It has never had the TSB performed. I understand that just replacing the radiator and thermostat with a good aftermaket one will fix the problem. Does anyone know about Mishimoto? They offer one that looks just like the Fluidyne one at half the price from Late Model Restoration. Also, Where is the dagblamed thermostat on this car, anyway?
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IIRC, the TSB addressed the A/C condenser.

I linked to the infamous "Colorado Crunch Cobra" website from years ago in the following thread - the owner of the site had scanned in the TSB papers and corresponding part numbers/procedures for the
'96 TSB. Not sure if it is still online, but worth a shot if you are looking for background info:

1996 Cobra Cooling TSB 96-25-12 - Corral Forums

Also, there are a plethora of mixed reviews on aftermarket radiators - lots of recent trouble with the Mishimoto (jury is still out on their new revised bracket, etc). Just do your research first if you decide on an aftermarket radiator - some people would say a replacement radiator from the local parts store or from Ford is your best bet. :shrug:

Thermostat is located at the lower radiator hose near the driver side front of the car (low to the ground) - it will be in that housing IIRC.

Additionally, if you are not already aware the 32valve cobra engines have to be refilled a specific way, when adding coolant to the cooling system (you pour in at the coolant crossover tube location via removing that little 1/4" black plug direclty in front of the radiator) after any cooling system work.

Run a search for some of the previous terms if you need more info - there's a few past threads with lots of good info/detailed instructions.

G'luck. :cheers: