Cost for a 99 cobra

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That sounds like a pretty shady place. Go find yourself another one and look on ebay too for some decent prices.

I got my 01 silver coupe with 23,xxx miles for 20,100 out of PA. Drove out and picked it up. It already had couple of KB products and steeda springs so that saved me some cost in suspension items later. I just added a few more KB products to really tie it together so I can start putting power to it and as needed add more to keep the wheel hop out.
Ok let me get this right. The total price depends on your credit? but they know your monthly payments? How in the heck ? they decide your payments on your credit (intrist) and the total price. So if you walked in there with cash and said ok how much is it they would said hold on let me check your credit? I am not trying to be all smart @$$ like but come on these people are giving you the run around. I got my 1999 Cobra With a few mods and a 8,000 dollar paint job for 11 grand. it had 36k on it. look around you can find them at a good deal.