Could this be the answer to steering wheel play?


Apr 24, 2006
Is the u-joint that connects to the steering shaft under the dash a common replacement? I think the play in my steering is coming from that connection.I installed a 03 cobra shaft and play remains.When I look under the dash and move steering wheel side to side I can see the movement of u-joint but not shaft and i could hear it hit side to side. U-joint worn out? Where can I get one and is it possible to just flip the u-joint the other way to see what happens?
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Sometimes the bolts that holds the u-joint in place come loose. You should be able to tighten the bolts enough so there is no play at all. I personally haven't seen the u-joint itself wear out.
Thanx I saw your post about this issue and thats what i did today I tightened bolts as much as possible and still there is play. I do have a 03 cobra steering rack that I haven't installed but I dont see that fixing my problem.
I think it can also be from the rack and pinion. If you buy NEW, this may NOT solve your problem. Several people have bought the 03' cobra rack and pinion that Ford did a much better job with. See if u can get one of those...that being said, I had A LOT of play and bought a new 94/95 rack and pinion and it helped..but not like the new ones. Good luck.
update on my steering wheel play. After many minutes of staring at the u-joint and steering shaft I discovered that the freakin u-joint to shaft bolt was installed the wrong way which is why it wouldn't squeeze and lock into the shaft. Only one end has thread in the hole so that is why it would still tighten but not lock into it. I have yet to test drive but it seems to have solved the looseness in that connection. My cousin helped install the shaft last week(he was under the dash) but I think the bolt was put in wrong long before that because that has been a problem since I bought the car.