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Oct 29, 2009
*** 1998 Ford Mustang GT 4.6L 5 speed 158k miles Black *** - $4200 (Madison)

Date: 2010-03-15, 10:34PM EDT
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Hi up for sale a 1998 Ford Mustang GT 4.6L 5 speed manual 158k miles. Black with black leather interior. MARCH 1 sound system. Car is my babe for the last 3 year. All the maintain is already been done, car is very well maintain. car run and drive great. Very dependable car, I travel all over the place, never leave me on the side of the road. Here is some the good and the bad about the car. Its 12 year old car, so its gonna show some age.

The bad :

The intake manifold is leaking, this is second intake I have to replace, and it alway leak at the same spot where the coolant cross over. This is very common on mustang 2000 and under. the last 2 intake I install was a USED intake, I recomment buy a BRAND NEW intake manifold from ebay for $205 and come with life time warranty. The intake crack right before winter start, so I been park it, since I only driving in the summer.

Speed domitor miles gear is broking, so it show 157k miles on it, but I think it should be closer to 158k miles. $30 dollar part with 1 hours labor, I have a web site show how to fix it.

E-Brake cable is snap off.

The good :

Before winter start I did most of the maintain before storage it. 3 year ago when I first bought the car, these is what I been using since day one, and before winter start I replace most of these stuff I list again.

Oil : Mobil 1 10w30 summer and 5w30 for winter. with Napa Gold oil filter ( every 3k miles , I travel to dallas and memphis alot )

Transmission fluid : Mobil 1 ATF

Rear differential : Mobil 1 75w90 with bottle of Ford friction modifier lube.

Spark plug and wire : Motorcraft spark plug wire with NGK plug ( I alway change out plug before storage for winter )

Air filter : Wix

Fuel filter : Purolator

Motorcraft PCV valve

New brake pad front and rear. I also pump all old brake fluid and add new brake fluid during brake pad change.

Red Line SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner every oil change.

NEW Inspection sticker
NEW Battery

all 4 tire are having alot of life left 70% for the front and 80% for the rear, car is shaking at 55mph , it happent right after I got one of my front tire repair cause , it got a nail stick to it, the guy properly dint balance it, but the shaking is gone after you pass 55mph.

Only mod I did to the car is Flowmaster with MAC Off Road H pipe, car sound GOOD, it sound like what mustang support to sound ^_^. That is one of the reason why I bought mustang in the first place hehe.

Here are 2 old pix, I will get new pix up ASAP when weather show some sun. The camaro z28 on the pix already sold, reason I sold all my sport car cause I need a bigger suv for my family. CLEAR TITLE READY TO SIGN OVER !!.

Contact me at 601-421-6951 Ken, the price is $4,200 or best offer, I will not be available on every saturday thru monday, I will be in dallas to finish my tattoo. So I only available on weekday only. Thanks

UPDATE: Sun show up this morning, so I take a few pix. Any more pix just request.


Location: Madison
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My god... I cannot stand when people do not use proper spelling and punctuation!
If there was any interest in the car before I read the description, I would be COMPLETELY turned off after reading this.
Unfortunately, people just don't seem to care anymore...
I see just as many spelling and grammar errors in the college English class that I grade papers for. It really is amazing how poorly society as a whole can write :nonono: