crank case pressure problem... help


ok i was noticing oil in the reichard racing intake. so i made a oil seperator. just a simple water seperator from the hardware store. ran drivers side to one side of t and the driver side with the pcv valve still in to the other side. t goes to the seperator and from the other side i ran it to the inlet pipe going to the charger. this should see no boost. well the pcv vavle was popping when i would get on the car so i tie wrapped it to something that would hold it down. driving the car seperator looks like it's working catching oil, not alot but some. so i get on the interstate and get on the car and see smoke. pull over and blew the valve cover gasket. hince too much crank case pressure.

what do you guys think i should do? i know i have to re run the suction lines for the seperator but how should i do it? maybe the intake side of the charger wasnt enough.?. any help greatly appreciated.
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