Cranks, won't start?

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Aug 10, 2007
Alpharetta, GA
Well, I must have had a cracked cap. Replaced it and she fired right up sans the MSD. That thing is worthless.

I got it for free, so it was worth a shot. How could a company suck so much? EVERYONE, i spoke to has had problems with them. thank god i didn't spend any money on it.

Well, maybe i am being to harsh with MSD. I'll call their tech line tomorrow and see what the deal is. Guess i had to take out some frustration!

Bill Cool

Previously 87MustangGT
Founding Member
Nov 18, 1999
Seymour, CT
Hate to thread-jack, but I figured I'd keep the same theme going...

The Crank-No-Start checklist mentions the MSD ignition box being a bad idea, but could an MSD coil be similarly bad (and just go bad randomly)? My 87 now cranks but won't start...I tried jumping the solenoid and holding the coil wire as close as possible to the block in three places, both with the open end of the wire facing me and facing away from me, and never did I see any type of spark...