creaking and popping in front


Founding Member
Jul 16, 2002
Clayton NC
Hey guys,

I have been noticing lately... probably for the past 2-3 months, that when moving very slow, and turning the wheel (doesnt matter how fast i turn the wheel) i get either a popping or a creaking from the front somewhere. i cant seem to put a finger on the location. it mainly happens when i am backing up out of a parking spot. does not seem to happen when i am making a turn from a stoplight going forward. I AM lowered with HR race springs (dropped about 3/4") and have bilsteins for dampers (CC plates comming tuesday)

does anyone have an idea on what i should look into for a lead, or least general area to rule out to save time. its only a slight annoyance really, but i just want it fixed so its not an actual problem that may cause mechanical failure. I push my car hard and cant afford down time. any help you can give would be welcome.

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