Creating black out switch


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Mar 28, 2002
Arlington, TX
Creating a black out switch

has anyone in here created a black out switch for their mustang? Meaning, once you flip it no interior/exterior lights function whatsoever, door open, brake lights, turn signal, etc..

I've always wondered if there is a central harness you can splice into to do this. Has anyone ever created one?
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sounds like someone's trying to play stealth fighter from the cops...i used something like that once for my amp to my subs because the cops in my town always gave you crap for loud stereos, so i'd flip a little toggle to cut off power to the subs and kill the bass. I think you'd have to not only tap into the headlights but also whatever actuates the brake lights from the brake pedel, since they work even if the lights are off. Could be kinda dangerous though if something goes wrong you could end up without any brake lights and get creamed.
Wire a switch in between the power going to each of the brake lights...

(Brake light power.)
-------------------l l-----------------(Brake lights.)
(wire back2 cabin) l l
l l
l l (<----- wire back to brake lightpwr.)
l l
l ---(Switch)----l

The same can be used for the license plate bulb. Kinda hard to explain w/ @sskey drawings.
:lol: I agree, this "someone" is a cop.

The brake blackout would be simple, just install a switch between the BOO sensor and relay, the rest would just to turn the lights out like normal.

If you do this and a use it on a cop, or if they even find out you have it, you in a world of poo. :owned: