Crossover Setting


Jan 12, 2004
I recently installed an used stealth box with an upgraded JL sub in my '03 vert. My amp is a JL 300/1 that is tied to my stock Mach 460 system. I have been adjusting on the crossover trying to get the sound I want. I listen to rock music and want pounding bass like you would here at a rock concert not the booming bass I am getting out of it. Is there anyone with a similar setup that could share their crossover settings or help me go in the right direction with my adjustments. I haven't had subs in my car since the late 80's and have never had a crossover that was built into the amp. Any help would be great.
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hopefully this can help you a little.

Adjusting the crossover is not going to change the way the bass sounds all the much. I normally set my crossovers on subs between 120-80hz. depending on the rest of the system. since you have the mach460 i would set it to the lower side since you should already have decent mid-bass from the subs in the 460 ( the 5x7's in the mach system are basically subs) but as far as how tight or punchy the bass is , the crossover setting isn't going to make a huge difference there.

Side note. does that amp have a "bass boast" setting ? if so, if you set that lower in my experience that will take a little away from the "boom" sound and make it sound a little more "punchy"

This informatoin is kinda of opinion based since everyone taste in sound is different. but hopefully this can help you a little.