Custom Cams

Who's had experience with them over off the shelf cams with the same combo? What were the results?

Who are some people that will custom grind cams? and what do they typically cost?

I am now wondering after reading up on cam and engine theory whether or not I should bother with the comp xe 274hr in my 306.

seems like any off the shelf cam is a compromise and there are potential benefits to a custom grind, Im just wondering if in my case the benefits will outway the cost

My combo below:

rpm intake
afr 185's (on the way)
xe 274 hr cam
9.2:1 compression ratio
Currently have 1 5/8 headers and crappy dual exhaust which will be redone to take advantage of the increased head flow
T5 trans, 4.30 gears
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I had a custom cam made. I dont have the engine in the car yet and the only thing I will be able to compare it to is the stock so I wont be much help there.

Some of the better know custom cam makers are

Jay Allen -
Ed Curtis - Not sure of web site.
Buddy Rawls - Not sure of web site.

I used Jay Allen. Great guy, very communicative. You have the option of a SADI core cam or billet steel. I chose the billet steel cam for its stability and durability.

The cost was $380.00 shipped and the turn around time was 20 days roughly and included the cost of cam doctoring the cam before shipping to ensure all was as it should be.

Received the cam info which had more stuff than I understand on it.

I chose custom because I wanted a cam made for MY car and designed to work with my specific components rather than an OTS cam with general guidelines.

Yeah it was pricey but I know its for my engine, I know it will work, and the personalized customer service is great too.
I also purchased a custom cam from Jay Allen for my 306 application. BocSez hit it right on the head with everything he mentioned, Jay was outstanding to deal with both before and after the sale. Im sure there are good OTS cams out there, but for me the extra attention and explanations Jay provided to me was fantastic since this was the first motor I have ever built. Also like BocSez said, you know its gonna work since it is designed for your custom application, no guessing. Unfortunately I can't tell you how it perfroms yet because Im waiting for my AFR 185's and my HS roller rockers to ship, suppose to be within the week now for both of them!! :nice:
if you car the afr tech line they put me in contact with the guy they use for custom cams for there heads. you will have to give them all the data on your combo and they will design 1 for you. I have a buddy who's uncle owns a custom cam shop. i gave him all my info and he told me i have the best possible cam for the job already. boy did i fluke out or reading MM&FF worked.
Is it wrong to assume that no matter who I get my custom cam from, the specs will all be very close to each other?

Has anyone gotten specs from more than one source and found there to be a large degree of difference between the cams?
Its possible, but I wouldnt assume so. I would think that each cam designer has their ideas and theorys as well as experiences on what works best with what. I mean you can look in the Crane Cams and Comp Cams catalog and see probably 4 or 5 cams from each that are designed to work with car XXX with these mods and operating in the rpm range from xxxx to xxxx.
I find cams designed for similar combos are very different from company to company. Everyone has different theories and ideas....

As long as the end result is a BIG ASS SMILE on your face, or the ET you were shooting for it truly doesn;t matter what the specs are.