custom fender flare rubbing?


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Jan 9, 2006
although i should just get my stang finished, and not get too creative, i've been thinking about fabbing my own chunky fender flares. I've seen some ground effects place do it on t.v. using spay-on foam like "great stuff," then shaping it to use as a form for fiberglass cloth. so i guess my first question is, has anyone ever done something like this? would "great stuff" work, or is there some other expanding foam that would be better?

second part: with chunkier flares i could have a wider wheel base and a lower stance, so in the front the existing fenders would need trimmed, which i dont' see as a problem. However in the rear, the fender and wheel-well come together along the fender lip, so heavy trimming would mean some serious metal work that i'm not sure i want to get back into (having already finished the metal work on the rear of the car). Obviously the rear wheels won't be turning (like the front) so suspension travel would be the only potential issue. which makes my question; does anyone know how much wider (and lower) the rear wheel base can be without rubbing the stock fenders loaded? I haven't decided on wheels and tires, so i'm flexible there. i've already been considering a watt's link, so that would eliminate side travel in turns. Toughts anyone? Like i said before, I've only just started thinking about it. Feel free to tear my idea apart.
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Well, before we go any further, your post is very confusing. You said in the rear the fender and wheel well come together.:shrug: There is no fender in the rear. The rear part is the quarter panel and of course they come together. Not sure what you're asking about that.
Spray on foam would not be a good idea for permanent install; maybe to from a shape to glass, then remove it and make a mold. I'll let others chime in because I know little about this subject.