Custom Turbo Build Fresh engine break-in period


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Dec 4, 2012
Hi all,

Short summary for context. I rebuilt 4.6 2v with forged internals and replaced almost everything. I will be putting on a turbo in the spring. I haven't ran this car in about 4 years and I want to do a proper break in on the new motor. I'm thinking of just getting it running without the turbo stuff first and run it lightly for a few hundred miles.

Here's my dilemma: I changed so much (MAF, Injectors, Fuel pump, Throttle body, Intake) , I'm going to need a tune just to get it running at all but I don't want to go to a tuner once before the turbo and then again after unless they give some sort of discount for when you come back? I've never had a car tuned so I know nothing about this. Should I try a plug in tune for the base and then go get dyno tuned after adding the turbo?

Any info on how the plug in tuners work would be great too, I'm very new to the tuning.

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Nov 29, 2018
I was thinking about installing turbo on my 2v but have never had on on a car neither have installed one so any help with that but in your case I’d tune myself then get professional after turbo installation