Dash Rattle


there is enough sticking out to grab on to
10 Year Member
Jun 28, 2013
Got a rattle in the dashboard. It happens with engine idling, trans in neutral, foot off of clutch. If I lift slighty up, or push slightly down on the clutch pedal, the noise instantly goes away.

Maybe a loose clutch cable letting the assembly rattle with input shaft rotation? Is there a way to tighten up the slack a bit? No noise from throwout bearing with clutch depressed so I'm pretty sure the bearing is ok.
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It sounds to me like you probably have an aftermarket clutch cable quadrant on you clutch pedal where the cable attaches. Those are sometimes very loose fitting on the pedal and will vibrate and make noise. If the clutch is adjusted properly and it still vibrates and makes noise you can try removing the quadrant, wrap some electrical tape around the shaft and reinstall. I have done that before.

It's all factory components in the clutch quadrant. The noise is more of a faint knocking rather than a rattle. Sorry for not being clear on that. When it knocks, if I put my hand on the clutch pedal I can also feel it. The knocking frequency increases as engine speed is increased.

I think its related to the input shaft or throwout bearing. But wouldn't the throwout bearing make noise with clutch depressed it it were going bad?

Again, when I eliminate slack by slightly moving the clutch pedal either up or down, the knocking goes away.