Deer crash update!! (PICS)


Nov 18, 2003
Grand Rapids, MI
Well, my car goes in tomorrow. You can see what I did all day. hehe


I can't wait until everything is put back together.
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Yeah I actually cleaned it all. I'm just like that and I was bored. This was also a good time to fix my windshield washer system. It was pretty easy. Just clogged.

My cobra bumper is sitting in my garage, so I have to take that in too. I just have to decide what to do about my foglights. I think i want diamond clears, but don't know which brand. Also I can't figure out the wires. There is a plug that you can see in the pic that I can plug into, but I don't have a switch inside, b/c My car is a gts.
damn what is it with deer...I hit one a month or so ago going 75 mph...tore front bumper,headlight panel,passenger side headlights and park lights, passenger fender and took a chunk out of the hood...replaced everything cept hood so far..cobra front bumper and lights and a piece of chit headlight panel, fender from wrecking yard..dont know which hood I want
You can go to Ford or order the foglight switch from Late Model Restoration Supply. I got mine from Ford and my GTS already had all the factory wiring for the foglights. All I had to do was get the hardware to mount the fogs and plug the switch in.
I bet if you drove it around like that long enough the local ricers would think its the new " IN " thing to do and they would start driving around w/ no front fenders or front bumper.