Delta Chip doesn't work...


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Feb 15, 2006
Alright, I bought a Diablo Delta chip off ebay that was made for a stock 02' Mustang GT (what I have) So I clean up the part on the ecm that was suppose to be cleaned and plug it it in and go to start the car and it throws a theft code and doesnt start. Un-plug it and the car starts fine. Plug it in again and hook up a Ford Diginostic computer and it shows that there is no ECM at all. Tried a few variations,un-hooking the battery, plugging it in while the car is running and nothing worked. Am I doing something wrong? Will the chip have to be retuned for my car? Any help would be great being that the nearest Diablo dealership is 2 hours away.
Thanks in advance.:D
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The most common problem is not cleaning the circuit board properly. I had one of those and it took a good 20 minutes of cleaning with a scotch-brite pad to remove all traces of the coating,in order to get the chip to work. The other option is that it was on ebay because the previous owner had the same problem and it's a bad chip. I don't know if Diablosport will warranty a 2nd hand unit but good luck.
this problem is not uncommon..i know this because some of you prolly remember when i had this same problem. the solution was i got so pissed off from scraping, cleaning, electriacl cleaner spray, and even 800 grit sandpaper sanding, unplugging and replugging the ecm, battery, and all to see that damn theft light blink like crazy and my car wind but not start. so what i did was, threw the damn 50 dollar pos in the trash, yea i was pissed, and went and got sct tuned for 400 bux. well worth it. end of story.
Did you make sure the chip was for the computer in your car. Ford will still different processer codes in the same year cars. Just to give an example, auto's and 5 speeds have different codes. If you install a chip that was flashed for another processer, it will cause the theft light to blink. Only option is to reburn it for your computer.