Desired AFR tuning question - moates quarterhorse


Sep 8, 2006
Hi, just wondering if anyone that uses tuning software with bin editor has changed the A/F ratio scaler from gasoline to say e30 since e30's target afr is 12.92 rather than the 14.64 for gasoline.

or even 340.. which I think would be around 12.4 ish. not positive though.

I have a innovate wideband aswell.. and would like to target about 12.5 across the board. and rather then having the computer trying to correct for 14.64, would it hurt to change to e30 fuel type even though you are still using the same gasoline. Just for desired a/f purposes.

If there is other ways of changing the desired a/f ratio that the comp is trying to shoot for advice would be awesome. Thanks
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