Saleen Destroyed My Clutch, Don't Know Which One To Get?

I destroyed the clutch on my 01 Saleen S281 SC. I am having a difficult time figuring out what to buy between clutch sizes and in 01 it was a split year I guess depending on tranny. My car MFG date was 11/00, and I have a Tremec T45 in it. I would like a strong but streetable Centerforce DF. Can anybody steer me in the right direction? Or even give me their opinions on different clutches?
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Yea, this forum pretty much bites compared to my Mach 1 registry. Ok, now I have an 03 Mach 1 and I went with the dual friction CenterForce Gold clutch and throwout bearing. PURE GARBAGE:notnice: !! Lasted about 35,000 miles and throwout bearing was bad out the box. I have a ZOOM Stage 3 clutch and no issues for years !!! When I did the job, I went with a billet flywheel, new pilot bearing, fork, and Steeda adj clutch cable, in other words while in there do everything!!! Also hear great things about McLeod clutches, hope this helps a little, sorry none responded, I have had post on here for weeks with no answer, I think this forum is dying!! :shrug:
Thank you for your insight! I am changing everything while I have the tranny out and I have looked at the McLeod clutches but I think thats a little more than I need although i'd love to have one! Think i'm pretty much decided on a Spec stage 3 and Spec billet alum thanks to this sh!tty website.
Great, I forgot about the Spec, good choice. How about a pic of your ride??? Make sure the throw out bearing is greased well when installed, sucks to get all done a bearing squals (don't ask how I know), good luck and give me an upodate how it goes in a PM!!!! :)
Maybe if ass hat boy would have posted in a section that is a slightly more common vehicle than a Saleen, probably would have had more luck. Wonder if he knows the evil, horrible, SN95 is the same thing. Guess he'd have to get answers from the unwashed masses as opposed to Saleen royalty. Only reason I saw it my tapatalk settings list all forums. I just ordered a Spec stage2, RAM billet steel flywheels, and the associated hardware.

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I guess the Mach 1 isn't real common either, if it wasn't for Sharad I would have never gotten a response on some post and I still have some months old with no response. I don't think he meant anything bad or hurtful with his post, and I don't see anywhere him saying the SN95 was evil and horrible???? Maybe I am lost, do Saleen folks think they are royalty??? What is a "ass hat boy"?? I have heard nothing but good things about Spec, and alot of good parts comimg out of MM as well. Good luck to everyone's projects, I just got a second set of front springs for $40 that I am going to cut 1/2 to 3/4 coil, so if I don't like it I can go back, teamed up with KYB AGX struts I put in last week. Have a good weekend guys!!!
Maybe I was bit harsh. Have a real bad toothache and can't do anything till.tomorrow. Dentist gave me Loratabs and they ain't doing crap. I'm a little bitchy.

I've seen alot of people use Spec and never heard anyone complain about them. My TR3650 has pretty well destroyed it's second gear synchros. Fixing with a TKO600. Just have come up the $ for the trans now. And a bellhousing.

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Oh how I can relate with the tranny issue!! Also have 3650, lost 3rd gear syncros, bought a rebuilt one for $1800, mechanic filled with syntetic fluid and about 12,000 miles later it fried, had the original rebuilt and put back in then 2 weeks later brand new throwout bearing went bad and pulled tranny again!! Filled with Royal Purple and you could smell the fluid in the car when you shifted, really weird. NO leaks anywhere and we even RTV sealed the Steeda Tri Ax and no help, drained and refilled with Pennzoil, smell went away but I can feel thru the stick it does run hotter. Good luck on the tranny choice, is a different bellhousing all you need? What year and model Stang you have?? Hope your tooth feels better.
I don't think he meant anything bad or hurtful with his post

No, you're right. I mean, where would someone get that idea??? thanks to this sh!tty website.

Couldn't use 5-minutes to do a proper search on the subject, but you wasted god knows how long trying to figure out how to bypass the language filters to curse out the site? :rolleyes:
I was just trying to bring peace to the forum and give the benefit of the doubt. Some people must also realize if you make a post with a question and get no immediate response, it IS possible no one else has experience with what you are asking, patience is important when posting on forums, let's all agree to disagree, have a good day Brian and the rest of the Stangnet community!!!!