Did I screw up? 331 stroker....flywheel and starter don't like each other

Ok after I finally bolted up everything on my year project 331 we dropped the motor in started the car. It fired up fine but the starter was making some strange cranking noises. It's a stock one that worked fine on the old 302 witthout issue.

We ran it for 30-40 seconds. No problems. Then we cranked it over again and a strange clanking / grinding noise was coming from the starter while it was running so we shut it down. I was fearful I was cooking the flywheel.

Now here is the question.........I bought the flywheel off of Ebay. The buyer told me it was a Hawks Racing 28oz flywheel. When I got it it was wrapped in a bubble wrap etc. but no labels other than a SFI sticker. It was brand new.

I didn't think twice about it. We bolted up my new King Cobra clutch to it no problems other than I needed new Metric flywheel bolts instead of using the standard ones out of my fms bolt/dowel set.

So my questions are:

1) If it were 164 tooth would the starter have bolted up (in other words teeth aligned?)

2) Is it possible that my starter needs a shim or would the starter need a rebuild?

3) do I need a new starter?

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Make sure you get a heavy duty high torque starter - I have a 331 and my stock starter wasn't up to the task - it could start it cold, but when I tried to hot start it, the old stock starter couldn't turn the engine over from heat sink. Had to wait until it cooled down and then it would start. Switched it out for a high torque mini starter - it will still start with the engine hot, but you can tell it's working hard!
what did you figure out, my 347 is having the same issue with the e-bay flywheel. I can start it the first time , sometimes, but after running for a couple of minutes the starter will turn it over very slow.. i bought a new starter, and same business.. it appears that the starter is not disengaging either, at times. I am at whits end. the vehicle has soo much money in it, and i cant even time it due to an a lazy starter, misalignment issue. I tried to back the starter away with one washer , and that only works until the starter cranks once, then it grips onto and holds the flywheel the next time I try to crank it.

Any help
Wow just by chance I happened to pop over to the tech section and found your new post.

I found a two bolt Ford starter shim at my local Napa store. I ended up needing two to shim the starter out. The guy at teh parts store didn't even know they made them for Fords! I can't remember size.

Anyways solved my problem and starts great everytime!

Looks like this:

View attachment 271918
With all the zombie threads lately, it must be the similar threads at the bottom of the scroll.
Ford starter shims are hard to find. I do not know why Chevy’s need checked more frequently. The brands at Autoworks/Checker came with them in Chevys starters boxes only.
But I am not surprised eBay flywheels were involved in this problem.
The HELP section (red bubble packs from Doorman) is the place I was picturing one. Glad you found it on Amazon.
Yup. The biggest mistake Dorman and/or the parts stores made was doing away with "HELP!" instead of modernizing it. At least 1/3 of my customers' problems could be solved with something from that aisle.