Difference between Rotating Assembly & a Stoker Rotating Assembly?


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Mar 31, 2005
I am wanting to maybe build up my internals before I add Forced induction on my 03 GT. I dont know much about the inside of engines and was wondering what the difference between the two are? And are there any packages, kits...etc. that anyone knows about that would work for my application....thanks
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a stroker rotating assembly increases the stroke of the motor so you increase the displacement.

if you want to go bigger with your motor I suggest a big bore . the modulars have a tiny bore so anything you can do to increase the bore helps.

to do a big bore you need a aluminum block ( a exploder block works fine)
I am wanting to put a Kenne Bell 1.7 and run 9lb's of boost. I know that internals are not required but I would like to be safe plus have room for some more hp down the road.