Difference Rear axles Mustang II


Mar 28, 2018
Hi there,
I want to know if there is any difference between the rear axles of the Mustang II 4-cil, 6cil and V8.
Besides the gear ratio that is.
I’ve thought I’ve read somewhere, the 4 and 6 cilinders has an 8” ring gear and the V8 an 6 1/4” ring gear?? But I can’t find this anymore.
you would say an 8” is stronger than a 6 1/4” right?

How much horsepower will the different axles take?
I ask this because we are looking for an axle of about 57” Width. Mustang II has that width.
It going to be in a 1935 Ford with a small block, the Stock axle won’t take the power of a small block.
so, I want to know the difference between the axles, I’m in Holland, lots of axles but not V8 axles...

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Mar 10, 2019
British columbia Canada
V8 is always the 8", v6 can be either, 4 is the 6 3/4"
The Mustang II 8" rear end would handle the power without any problem (easily). The 4 and some 6 banger diff not so much. Some V6 cars had 8" but can't guarantee that info. Best to check when looking at them as they are easy to tell apart.
I think the 4 and most 6 diffs are 6 3/4 ring gear. The 6 3/4 rear has a bolt on cover looking from the back, the 8" does not.
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Mar 28, 2018
Okay, so I had a small bit right....
So, it’s neccesary to get a V8 axle then, or V6 with the 8” ringgear?
Our goal is around the 300 hp mark, that’s possible with these axles?
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Mar 28, 2018
We had contact with Addie, he hasn’t got any V8 axles.
Don’t know about the 6cil with the 8”. Probably have to look for our selfs.

we need a complete axle, a revision is not a problem as long as it’s complete.


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Mar 7, 2002
You should be able to find a 2.8 or 3.0 Capri in Holland.

In the US, most guys that V8 swap a Capri, including myself, keep the stock Capri axle, as it's pretty much equal to the 8" in durability. (It's also similar in width).
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