Dirty Stang + Warm Temperatures = Clean Stang


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Feb 9, 2003
Temps the last 2 days have been in the 50's. Had to take advantage of the great weather to give her a nice wash and wax and a good interior cleaning. Got the touchup paint out and filled in all the chips and spots. I usually post only the clean pics, so this time I'm posting some of the dirty ones too. Just wanted to prove that I do drive it in bad weather too :D .
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It took about 1 hr for vacumming and wiping everything down inside. Then I went to the car wash to use the pressure wand to get off the salt first. Then it took about 45 minutes to wash and about an 1 hr to wax. Then the windows and tires about 20 minutes. Not really too much more than normal, but the car wash was the extra, just to make sure the salt didn't get all ground in.

Teal I'm sorry yours was dirtier last weekend. Post up some pics next time. We sure could use some more posts on here. Our 2.3 forum is almost nonexistent on new posts some days. :(

I keep looking, but nothing new. I hate winter, too cold to do to much outside.:bang:
Another nice day in the forecast, mid 40 tomorrow and Wednesday is low 50's. Something tells me it will be time for another good hand wash on the stang. Maybe the wife's van, but will have to see.
Nah, not always. I did it last week cause there ain't crap on here for new posts. Just trying to at least put something on here. I look at the posts daily, but this time of year sucks for anything new. Guess I could what I had for lunch today lol. I can't wait for summer again.

Hey post up some pics of yours, would love to see some

Take care
Teal, your car is not ugly. Unless you have put on gold rims and added crushed velvet to the interior. Then, yes it would be ugly :D . Summer will come soon and the washing/waxing will continue:nice:

Its off topic, but I donated about 70 car show trophies from over the years, since 1987, to a local organization that is going to take them to Peoria Illinois. There is a non profit organization there that helps disabled people ride horses as some rehabilitation. I guess they will take them rework them and make trophies for the people there. Not a lot of details on that part, but they were just sitting in boxers doing nothing.

Here is the link http://cirt.info/index.html
You call that dirty? LOL! Check out mine!:D I haven't driven mine for a week cause of all the snow we've been getting. We just got well over a foot, so I guess it will be a little while longer!:nonono:


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Red_lx your the winner so far:nice:

Man, don't slide off the hill. Looks like it would be quite the drop off. I remember when I lived in southern Illinois. They used coal cinders to put on roads for traction. This made one ugly black mess.
It's not a mustang but it's got 10-holes on it!

And yeah, they put down cinders and salt here so it makes for a nasty black mess. Last year I drove that tempo all winter and didn't wash it once. It's a rusty pile anyway.

Hey here's a pic of the front of my thunderbird, I'm whoring this pic around everywhere else so why not here ;)



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