Do I need to get caster camber plates for 5 lug conversion


15 Year Member
Nov 3, 2003
Some of you may remember that i was able to run my sportline springs without caster and camber plates or bumpsteer. Now I am coming to the end of my collection of parts for my 5 lug conversion.So, I am wondering if I need to go ahead and get the plates before i get everything installed and not have them. I am almost certain that I will need them as everyone on here has told me that their alignment was way off and needed them. any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
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I will all depend on your car. I do not have CC plates on mine, with stock springs, no spring isolators and all new parts in the front end. But I am at the very end of adjustment. I want to raise my front up a bit by reinstalling the isolators, so I may need them later.

If you can get them now, I'd go ahead. Or you can try it first, and if you need it, get them later.
I just want to run my car when I get the 5 lug done and not have to wait for one more part to come because I didn't get it before hand. I am usually really good about getting everything I need and somethings that I may not need but there might be a chance I could use them LOL!
If you can spare the $180, get yourself a pair of Maximum Motorsports Plates and be done with it. Do it right the first time and save yourself extra work and aggrivation.