do verts need upper torque box reinforcements?

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well I was going to put them on but, the vert has that sheet metal going across the back seat so I cant get the upper plates in. I bought the upr upper and lower torque box reinforcements( bolt on) I am bolting them and welding them. I wasnt sure if I just welded in the lower peice of the upper torque box reinforcement plates in if that would help out or if it would be fine with just the lower torque plates. horse power range will be around 550hp I dont plan on launching it to hard, but it will see some road courses.
Do you guys know how I go about the top ones on a convertible? Do I just weld in the bottom bracket of the upper box since I can't bolt it together? or do I have to take the peice of sheet medal off and then weld it back in place?:shrug: thanks
If they are in good shape you really don't need the reinforcement plates. They won't hurt though.

Have a GOOD welder stitch weld them. That along with good upper and lower control arms will be good. Also, if you haven't done it, FULL length
subframes are a must!

I am also in the process of welding in a matrix brace with jacking rails.