does anybody recognise this plate?

hey folks, i bought my SVT cobra around 9 months ago now, and im trying to learn a bit more history about it. the bloke who imported it into britain was from the washington state area, and im looking to see if anybody knew of the guy who imported it? hes (as far as i know) stationed in the UK but goes by the name of Jason Fraser, used to live back in washington around 2001. the cars a black on black 98 cobra coupe, and was previously registered on the plate "921 KNM". i have a shedload of paperwork for it but its mostly from the UK, i would like to learn about its history when it was back in the USA.

if anybody does know of the car then pics would be great, see its general condition when it left the USA, and how many previous owners it had etc :)
  • Sponsors (?) will get you the number of owners and where it was registered, though it won't give you any owner's names. If you browse through the forums, there is usually someone advertising that they have a Carfax account and that they will run the VIN for free, since many get a 30-day subscription when they are car shopping.

A picture of the car might help jog some memories here as well.
thats what im looking for though, pictures from when it was back in the states. i have nothing except from the previous owner in britain. at the moment its under a british registration instead of the one used in the states so pics wont be much good unless you want to see a bone stock 98 Cobra :D
thanks so much man! i have found out everything about my car :D

who would have thought it has nearly the same birthday as i have? manufactured on the 5th dec 1997, and mine was 6th dec '88 :)

thanks toms302! i have used the account for all i need it for, it wont be used again! im so pleased :nice: