Does anyone else like Elecronica Music?

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What about Lords of Acid, Yoji Biomehanika, Hybrid, BT, Deep Dish, Willie Whop, Ferry Corsten, Aphex Twin, Wumpscut, Velvet Acid Christ, Sasha - all perty darn good. Some of those are industrial bands but they are good too :)
Ive tried to download a variety of Electronica after watching Shaun of the Dead again. I was trying to find the song that they are playing on the record player right before it woke their housemate up at 4 in the morning. You guys have any clue?
Haha... what a great movie.
I have never heard of them before

my fav's are Hybrid, Willie Whop (Solid September Breaks Session), Rabbit In The Moon and James Lauer (Chicago DJ) - those are mostly breaks.

D&B would be Tech Itch, Andy C, and Yoji.
I love electonica. Sirius has a few stations and i love it, I listen to XM at work. Tiesto, icey, ian van dahl.. for some chill music check out the thievery corporation and portishead.
I've been on an electronic kick as of playlist goes something like this:

Crystal Method
Daft Punk
Through The Eyes of The Dead
Darkest Hour
Bad Religion
Willie Whop

I'm mixing it up although I listen to the hardcore/metal a bit more often.