Does anyone know what kind of spoiler this is?

hey guys i was searching ebay and i found a II that looks just like mine(exterrior) it has the metallic blue with white top, and i really like the front spoiler on it, i was wandering if it was factory(i don't think it is) and i was also wandering if you might know of a place i could get one like it.
i thought it looked really cool, thanks guys!



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from the looks of it, and i could be wrong here, but I think it is the factory style front spoiler just minus the front valance, that is why it looks weird. what i find interesting is the orange reflector setup in the grille? :shrug:
Its Factory

It is Factory, he just does not have the valance. Looks like he rigged it up with brackets in the front center. Also, the reflector looking peice in the grill is actually one of those "knight rider" lights that blink from left to right and right to left. Dont know why you would put this on a II, but ok?!? But basically, I like it without the valance also, but I would make mine look a little better and not have the brackets showing or at Least paint them BLACK!!
That is pretty tacky IMO. You'll notice it doesn't exactly fit right due to the lack of even support.
The way it's turned up un the center leads me to believe it's actually the original style flimsy plastic, but this could actually work with the fiberglass aftermarket one.

The rear spoiler is a nice job on this car though.