Does anyone need to mentally prepare for a 1/4 mile run?


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May 9, 2000
Kenmore, WA
I try to get into a zone, but the harder I try, the worse I run. My best times are always my first run of the day when I am just like, "...okay I guess I'll drive now" :shrug: When I try to make adjustments to my technique, I just mess up. How do you guys do it? Are you guys just relaxed and laid back or do you get yourself psyched up?
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I find it, the more I do it the more relaxed I get. I do get a little nervous waiting for the tree to come down though. (still) :D

My best runs were also the first runs I do. It's really weird. :shrug:

The very first time ever I ran at a track in my life, I managed to pull a 9.15 in the 1/8th with my poor underpowered 98. Now I'm hooked on drag racing.hehehe :D
I always listen to Debonair, by Dope. It gets me all fired up. I find that the more adrenalin I have pumping the quicker my reaction time. I approach it with the same intensity I do all sports. And it IS a sport, let nobody tell you different!
I could never drag race professionally I think. I get too worked up. I get such a rush that my heart feels like it is going to come out of my chest. I ALWAYS have to pee before a run... ALWAYS. I then go and sit in the car for a little while and try to calm down and think about what I'm going to do on this run. Normally, I second guess myself on whether or not I fully latched my hood, so I jump out and re-check it. I take deep breaths like Mr. Miagee (sp) from the karate kid said... in de nose, out de mouth. Then I make sure the heater is off, the radio is off, the pass seat is all the way back (if its in there), I check my gauges for water temp, oil pressure, etc. I pull up and watch where the guy in front of me burned out and where he launches from. If he has ET street or a similar sticky tire, I try to line up where he did, if its a FWD car, I stagger his tracks to avoid a wet spot on the track. I then pre-stage and very slowly stage. I bring the RPM's up to my launch point, and then wait until the third yellow pops... then I'm off. 1-2 and 2-3 happen so quick that I often forget to even look at the tach, I shift them more on feel than anything else. The as I'm winding out 3rd I think "you dumby, you forgot to look at the tach!" so then I concentrate nail 4th pushing the accelerator THROUGH THE FLOOR. The finish is coming up... I stay in it through the beams then slow down. I usually know immediately if I should get my hopes up or not as to whether it was a new best... I'm normally right too!

If I race often, the nerves go away. Last night I drove my dad's car and I thought I was going to have a heart attach. I ended up botching the launch and I missed 4th, I also didn't look at the tach on the 1-2 and 2-3 shift... DOH! I'm getting rusty since I've only run my car twice this year.
From the staging lanes to the Green light, I just try to be patient and have a clear mind. Usually the more relaxed I am, the better 60 foots and reactions I get.

I was just as nervous my first time drag racing, as I was at the US open trying to get my olympic trial cut for swimming.