Does the TV cable.....


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Apr 17, 2007
have any effect on the way your car idles? Also is there anyway to tell if its adjusted correctly? Also I forgot to fasten the tv cable to the bellhousing bolt when I did my torque converter install. The transmissinn seems fine but now the car will rev up to about 1500 rpm's and die.I wasn't sure if it's the cable or the BBK cold air intake.I installed both the same weekend.
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Sep 13, 2004
Miami, Ok
it wont affect the idle.

to adjust it, unhook the TV cable from the throttle linkage, there should be a plastic white clip in side, you push it up with a screw driver, this will let the black box slide freely over the cable. then you take the cable and press it back into the hole, when you press it in the hole it will automatically push the white clip back down and lock the cable, this ensures the TV cable is shut 100% along with the TB being shut 100%

read a chiltons book it explains it in more detail.
my bros DD 91 AOD car had some shifting problems, delayed shifts etc and i did the above and it fixed it and shifted correctly.


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Jun 2, 2005
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The tv cable affects the pressure of the trans, this is how it shifts. Even with the manual vb u will have to have the correct pressure for the trans or u will burn it up quickly. So you need to contact ur builder or check ur paperwork if u did it urself. Set it up to ur valve body specs or u will be redoeing the whole thing.

Use a trans pressure guage as well, only way to get it exact.