Does this mean I have a "chip?" Found this while looking under the hood.


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Oct 3, 2005
Northwest Ohio
I took some pixtures with my camera. I just bought the car a little while ago a totally bypassed the sticker. Now, it sticks out like a sore thumb. I'm sure this didn't come with the car, but I don't know what it is? I linked to it from a geocities page, so the badwidth probably will kill it for the first hour, but I have no idea what this means....


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If there is a recall on it, then they have to replace even if it hasnt failed/cracked. As for that sticker, you got me. never seen one of them before.
that's a sticker on your radiator cover :)

if you want to check the computer pull off the passenger floor kick panel, undo the bolt or two holding the plastic straps in place, and pull out the computer. there's a port in the top end that you can see once you've pulled it and it'll be pretty obvious if there's a chip in it.

oh and like the others said... wash your engine bay!!!
mmm i also have one of those, i may have to call my number too, also wash your engine bay out

I have always had problems after washing an engine bay. I am always extremely careful also.. who knows. Ahh, maybe once it warms up I'll give it a shot..

So no one knows exactly what that [sticker] means? Guess I'll give them a call tomorrow.. I'll post what I find.