Dr. Gas X design vs. others


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Jun 21, 2004
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Just wanted to point out how different X-pipes such as SLP, UPR, and Magnaflow use a VERY similar (if not exactly the same) X junction design as the almighty Dr. Gas. The ones that are designed differently, and therefore might give you an unappealing sound, are Bassani ...I've heard some complaints about them. Here are links below of the different Xs ..you can see how the SLP and UPR are built almost identical to Dr. Gas. From my experiences, these other Xs sound just as great as Dr. Gas. I've heard that Dr. Gas sounds different because they are closer up to the manifolds/headers than other systems ...but there is only so much room where you can put the X junction and still get proper clearance. I don't believe that a Dr. Gas Xs can be significantly forward in the exhaust compared to others ...maybe a little. Plus, you don't have to weld these other ones like the Dr. Gas ...they just bolt right up. I'm not saying Dr. Gas is bad ...cause I know they are great ..I'm just givin my opinion on the similarities of others.

Bassani X


Dr. Gas, SLP, and UPR X

Well, just givin everyone who is wondering what X to get a little comparison. :banana:
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well i forgot about that one ....and I wasn't searching for anything, just pointing out the different links so people can see the design ...95% of the threads on this site are repeats anyway ..so oh well, sorry ...and thanks for the link