Drag Racing Tips


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Jul 25, 2004
Canton Ohio
Friday I am hoping to take my car to the track for the first time since I have purchased it. I am curious about where to shift at when Drag Racing at the track and also, what RPM to launch... My car is a 5 Speed and have heard mixed feedback on whether to redline it or shift around 5K. Any input on where the 5.0 has the most power in the RPM band would be GREATLY appreciated....Thanks in advance everyone
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launch as high as you can & still get decent traction wouldn't really recomend power shifting if you shift quickly enough. I'd say rev no higher than 5600 but you'll probably get the best ET/MPH from about 5400.

Pump up the front tires to the max psi to reduce rolling resistance, & there's a bunch of little stuff to do but for a first time track outing I'd just play with the launch RPM & shift point until you get the best ET/MPH
There are soooooooo many different possibilities and points that affect where to launch and when to shift that it's virtually impossible to give an RPM. Best advice I can give is start out more or less what Mike said and play with it from there. You need to shift at a point where you are making the most power you can in your powerband and where after you shift will continue your acceleration. All motors are different, all cars are different, all drivers are different. Get someone like Mike Murillo in a stock GT and he'll spank us all in a modified GT. :shrug:
Launch it off idle first and roll into the power, if its not spinning, or not begining to spin, you need more gas. Then bring the RPMs up more and more each time until you hit your sweet spot. A good street tire 60' for the first few times I would say is a 2.0-2.1. If you do worse, just remember practice makes perfect.

As far as shifting, most will say 5000, but I had the best luck on my stock motor at 5400 or so. This will also take practice to find a sweet spot. For your first time out make the shifts smooth and quick, dont worry about slamming gears as fast as possible yet, you'll need to practice that before your doing it without thinking!

Just remember have fun, dont expect to do the best, and remember, after the first time, it usually only gets better and better!