Drip Rail Removal

I have a 67 coupe currently undergoing a full restoration. I would like to remove the drip rails for a cleaner look. Has anyone had any experience with drip rail removal? I am especially interested if the removal would result in water leakage around the top of the doors. I'd appreciate any input/suggestions on this.



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Dec 1, 2003
San Diego
Looks good, and fairly easy if you can weld. It can be removed by grinding/removing spot welds under the A-pillar. Then you will see it change to 2 pieces of sheet metal. This is where you have to weld to bridge the gap.


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Aug 25, 2001
Rogue River, Oregon
I gotta say it, but that's not one of the things I would do. I saw a '67 fastback with that done a few months ago, and it looked goofy. Made the car look a lot like a second-generation Camaro. Also, lets face it, early Mustangs are not the most water-tight cars ever built, trimming the gutters off will only make it easier for water to get past the window seals. I'd think long and hard about it before I did it.

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Mar 17, 2002
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Unless your car is garage kept and doesn't see rain, I would think twice, also.

Also, keep in mind that the drip rail is actually an overlap weld where the roof is attached to the body of the car. It's not quite as easy as cutting it off and smoothing it out with some body filler. The best way I have seen it done is to cut off the 90* vertical part, then pound the remaining flange up flush with the roof, then weld, grind and fill.



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Jul 19, 1999
I have done this on a 68 coupe many years ago, and it was a lot of work. the metal is easy to warp when your welding, and you could end up using a lot of body filler. I think the job took about 22 hours of shop labor, and that didn't count any paint work. But I agree on some cars it does add to a modern look. Now if we could only get a window glass to eliminate the vent window assembly.:shrug:
Thanks for the responses. This is the info I was looking for to make an educated decision. In the back of my mind I was pretty sure removing the rails would create water issues, which is definately not what I am looking for. I believe my approach now will be to keep the rails intact and not re-install the chrome trim which will make them not as noticable.

Thanks again for the relpies.