Driver Power seat


New Member
Apr 8, 2005
Western MA
Just wanted to let those people who have an issue with their drivers side power seat what I found in mine.

Since I had the car, the drivers side power seat would blow a fuse when I started the car and tried moving seat forward or backward. That also meant I could never use either one of the cig. lighters for power. So I took the seat out after reading there is a TBS on it. Something about a fire issue from the wires shorting out on the metal wire underneath.

Well, the switch has like 8-10 contacts in it. The contacts are like pins. One of them broke and was loose. So I'm thinking from the vibration when the car is running it shook it around enough to short it out on another one of the wires. Slid the pin back in and super glued it.

Works great! Also used the hot wire from the front cig lighter and wired it to the fog ligh switch behind it. Now I can have fog lights with running lights instead of needing headlights on to run fog's

Just thought I would let ya know.
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