Driver's side window problem.


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Jul 27, 2005
Hello everyone, just a question about my driver side window. Im getting ready to take my car out of hibernation,:D so this weekend i installed the battery back in, started the vehicle, and it runs good. The only thing when i get out of the vehicle the window drops from the sealed position but when i close the door the window does not come up. The passenger side is fine, it comes up when i close the door, like its supposed too. Even with the car running and getting into the vehicle, I have to bring it up by hand from the inside.:shrug: Any of you guys ever have a problem with this, thanks.
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you took the battery out? thats the cause right there. you have to recalibrate the windows. i need to find this thread myself. if i find it i will link you to it.

here is part of an article for collision techs describing what i just said....


Ford has equipped the glass in the doors with a few automatic features that a technician should be aware of on both the coupe and convertible. Both the driver and passenger side feature express-up, express-down, “short-drop,” and “bounce-back.” The short-drop feature opens the window slightly when the door is opened and closes it after the door has been closed. The bounce-back feature stops the window from closing if an obstruction or debris is detected in the window channel and opens it to a predetermined position. It is important to validate the express-up feature if there was a low battery condition, because it may require recalibration.
here it is from the owners manual......

Short drop glass (Front windows only)
In order to improve door efforts and sealing, your vehicle is equipped with short drop glass. This feature lowers the glass when either door is opened. The glass returns to its closed position when the door is closed.

Proper operation of the short drop glass requires that the windows be calibrated. Though your windows will have been calibrated before your vehicle is delivered to you, it is possible for the windows to lose calibration. If a window loses its calibration, your short drop feature will lower the window, but will not raise it again when the door is closed. To re-calibrate the window, pull the switch up to raise the window until it completes its travel and hold the switch up for 2 seconds. Another possible effect of lost calibration is that the feature may not lower the window. To re-calibrate the window in this case, lower the window until it completes its travel and hold the switch down for 2 seconds. Immediately after releasing the window down switch, pull the switch up to raise the window until it completes its travel and hold the switch up for 2 seconds. Perform Short drop re-calibration with doors closed only. Re-Calibrating with doors open will cause the window to continuously bounce back.

hope this helps you out. :cheers:

(thanks to 199 for this information :nice:)
Appears to be like you're going to have to take the door apart and have a look to diagnose it. I haven't observed of window regulator problems, but this seems like a damaged window regulator wire or something similar...