driver's side window


New Member
May 2, 2002
Oakland ca
Does anyone experience replacing the drivers side window on a 1968 coupe hard top. This may seems simple to some but not to me. Some a$$ shot my window out and i need to replace it but i can not get the frame out i have unscrewed all screws that are connected to the frame but there is still something holding it in.
Any ideas would be grateful :bang:
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Founding Member
Aug 25, 2001
Rogue River, Oregon
If I understand you correctly, you're still trying to get it out of the door. In that case, it needs to come all the way up, then remove the rubber piece on the back of the door and slide it rearward. I don't think you can get it straight up without removing the weatherstripping.


New Member
May 24, 2003
U Take The 3 Screws Out That Hold I To The Frame Then U Have To Take Out The Roller Piece In The Back And All The Glass Stopss. There Are Three Attached To It All The Adjusting Plates The Round Ones With Allen Head Holes Got To Come Out Too. And There Arew Screws Under That Rubber Pice On Door U See When U Open It Up Like A Wind Seal There Are A Screw Or Two Behind That Too U Got To Take Out . Then U Have To Pry Door Frame Apart Slightly To Finally Get The Damn Window Frame Out.