Driveshaft hitting tunnel. Please help


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Nov 30, 2003
Central FL
Alright, I did all my suspension work at the same time. I put in a 8pt cage, subframe connectors,90/10 front,50/50 rears, Eibach drag launch spring kit with air bag. Ford racing uppers and Lakewood lowers, non adj. It has Convertible motor mounts and a stock transmission mount. I have a UPR drive shaft loop, just to give you a idea the drive shaft you can put almost a finger between the top of the loop and the driveshaft. I have beaten the tunnel with a hammer to see if I can fix it. Driveshaft is hitting in the center and the end of the driveshaft. Not hitting when the car is still, just when you launch it and shift gears under full throttle. What is up with this. Thanks for any help. Scott
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It is hitting the tunnel and the right side towards the top of the tunnel. , not the loop at all. Loop is 6'' away from the yoke. you think it might be cause the convertible motor mounts. The motor would be lower, transmissin would be faceing up more? I'am lost
+1 check the angle. I believe theproper way to check it is to check the angle of the trans tail shaft and the angle of the pinion.

This is easiest to do with the driveshaft removed from the car.

1. Measure the angle of your transmission output flange with your angle gage.

2. Adjust the pinion angle so that the pinion flange has the same angle as the transmission flange. You want the two to be paralell.

This is an easy tool for checking angles quickly,