Driveshaft ?


New Member
Mar 25, 2006
:shrug: I recently bought a new tranny and bought a used driveshaft. My problem is that the driveshaft now seems to be to long. I pulled the driveshaft off of an 90 GT 5speed. I was wondering if maybe the engine shifted back while the tranny was out. In the meantime I will probably pull off the driveshaft of my wifes 92LX and see if it fits and note any differences. I have an aluminum driveshaft off an 96-up mustang and was wondering if I should just go and get it shortened to fit mine. Any ideas would be great.
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Did you switch the trans brand or is it a direct swap (e.g. old T5 out, new T5 in)?

That's weird. I would grab a tape measure and measure your wife's DS and compare.

Good luck.