Drove a 6Cyl Vert Today


New Member
Sep 19, 2004
Drove a 6 cyl vert today - was pretty impressed by the power (wasn't expecting so much). Actually got a chirp from the right rear tire from a stop! Sound from the pipes wasn't bad either. I'm sure this is a decent car for a lot of folks, but it just seems too much like a secretary's car...images of Mary Tyler Moore in her '70 white 6 cyl mustang coupe come to mind. No replacement for displacement.
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Yeah we test drove a v6 as well since NO dealers have a V8 in either coupe or vert form! It certainly is a nice car and its perfect for anyone except car freaks like us who demand 5 second 0-60 times :D First convertible I'd ever been in, and I thought it felt pretty solid and wasn't very loud even on the highway with the top up (and was possible to have a conversation with the top down going 70). Just wish it had some kind of roll bars :/