Drunk driving= BAD!!!!

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Man im sorry to hear about that!!!

After my family and i were hit by a drunk driver i can kinda see what your going thru. My dad spent 6 months in the hospitol, and half the time they weren't sure if he was gonna make it.

May god bless you and your family
I hope you find some light in the fact that this guy will probably spend the next portion of his life being traded around for ass rapings at a penitentiary somewhere

Deeply sorry to hear about this, my prayers are with you mang....
They're too light on any DUI and DWI inractions. They need to be stricter and more brutal for people to understand. I lost a good friend in a bike accident when he was pushed into a gaurd rail while on his TL1000R by an A$$HOLE DUI driver. I was soo stressed and pissed off that I took my modded 900RR for a 3am ride from hell on the freeway to wind down a bit. I sold it the next week.

My condolences to your family, I'm deeply sorry for your loss.:(
whats even more terrible than this tragedy is that the mother*****er will probably spend 2-3 years in jail, if that, on some bull***** manslaughter charge. he'll be out before he even hits 30 and chances are he'll get behind the wheel and do it again. i've absolutely had enough of reading the paper and seeing repeat offenders gettting a slap on the wrist. our whole judicial system needs to remove the kid gloves, grow some balls, and start dishing out some real punishment.