Dual exh options for a 67 Convertible

I am almost road-ready with my '67 Convertible. It has a 302 4v and a 4-speed Toploader. I really want to ditch the stock manifolds and the single exahust. I am very reluctant to let the corner muffler shop custom build my duals. I have seen good and bad results, but they alway seem to get rusty after a few months.

My inclination is to bolt up a set of Patriot Tri-Y headers & the H-Pipe that NPD sells to fit the Tri-Ys. They also sell an aluminized dual exhaust set that can be had with either flowmasters or Turbo mufflers.

The Tech guys at NPD cannot say for sure if It will all clear the Convertible sub-fram supports. I figure that worst case, I may have to get a muffler shop to bend or modify the intermediate pipes to get through the tunnel.

My questions for the forum are:

1) how hard is it to get the Tri-Ys to fit around the stock Z-bar clutch linkage on a 67?
2) Has anyone used a dual exh kit on a 67-68 convert with success?
3) 2 1/4 or 2 1/2" pipes? (302 4v makes 295 hp)
4) Would the Flowmasters be too loud for a rag-top?

I am just hoping to avoid a bad result.

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Convertible Exhaust

On my 68 vert, I had Headers on it, and ended up having the pipes from the headers to the Turbo mufflers custom bent to go above the brace. With headers, you don't have a choice.

If I can ofer a suggestion, have a good muffler shop bend the pipes, then as soon as you get home, clean them thouroughly, and paint them with exhaust pipe paint, which is available, the same stuff folks paint thier exhaust manifolds with.

Also, remember the 67 factory system used a cross-flow muffler, so your tailpipes wil also have to match your mufflers and system style. Try to put in an "H" pipe if possible.