duralast water pumps-anyone? ???


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Oct 14, 2002
Ok, so gf's 85 started leaking water at the water pump/engine gasket....

took the mofo off, and broke a rusted bolt in the process (yeah, it sucked, i got it out... :mad: )

anyway, looking for a cheap replacement, autozone sells a duralast for 35.00 w/ a 1 year warranty,

or the cardone for over double.....

should i get the cheap one? I am on her budget (not very much) and she will be selling the car soon...

let me know what y'all think
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Don't mix up the Duralast pumps with that Valucraft (AKA Valu-CRAP) garbage. Pretty much everything with the Duralast name is lifetime warranty stuff (excluding ignition stuff and brake rotors); if it's a one-year warranty, it's the ValuCRAP. DO NOT bother with the 1-year garbage - I don't know how many of those damned things I was embarrassed to try to even sell, as a lot of them were bad right when you pulled them out of the box. They use cheap gaskets, crappy bearings/seals, and they're reman'ed poop; the Duralast water pumps are generally 100% new and I had very few returns of those when I worked at Autozone.

Pony up the extra cash and do it right the first time. You do NOT wanna screw with swapping water pumps more than once on a 302, trust me.
swapping a water pump on a 302 in a mustang isn't nearly as bad as swapping a water pump on a 318 in a 94 grand cherokee:nonono: :mad: That sucked!

Anyway, Rains:

I recently swapped my water pump and do recall the $35 Duralast as having a lifetime warranty. The cheaper $12-13 one was the one w/ the 1-year warranty. I got the $35 Duralast one and got home to find out the one I had on there was replaced a year ago (forgot to check old receipt before I left) and was still good (gasket leak only), so I returned the one I bought and put my used Duralast back on. I'd go Duralast (obviously).