dyno day vid

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238rwhp, and 275rwtq and found out i have an ignition issues. the plugs were blowing out and not sparking so was blowing out raw fuel in my exhaust. they are going out above like 5300 rpm. i'm getting new coils and plugs soon. I can't remember what Jake did, I'm sure it was over 500. I was going to write down everyone's numbers but forgot to.
Jake's #'s

Jake ended up in the 560hp range. He was having an issue with fuel on the top end and was going to swap it out with his other car at Brads so they could figure it out. I think he was also going to take it back to John to do some fine tuning.

I'll be going back once I install my new idlers. Or I may wait till I get the blower ported. My hp was the same from 4500 to 6100. Damn belt is slipping LOL.

'04 White Cobra (435hp,478tq)
'95 White Cobra (10yrs of faithful service & down the road)
sounds like you all had a great time.. I drove down to Oregon and on Saturday hit some beautiful curvy roads.. warm sunshine, no traffic and 30 mph corners for miles and a full tank of gas in the Cobra.. what's not too love (now driving 250 miles back up in the rain to Everett wasn't fun on Monday)