Dyno Results Question??


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Apr 20, 2004
Salt Lake City, Utah
Hey guys I have finally begun my performance work on my 351 Windsor this summer. I am just waiting for my headers to get here so I can set up my Dr. Gas 2.5" X-pipe system and spintech mufflers. Currently I have dynoed at 155 rwhp :bang: :bang: I am at 5000 ft elevation in Utah though. What kind of gains can I expect from bolting on that exhaust system. I wanna dyno again afterwards, but just can't afford it because I am saving up for performer RPM, new cam, afr 185's, and gas prices. I will dyno again after all of this has been done. I was hoping the exhaust system will shoot me up to around 180 rwhp. What can I expect guys?? I will keep you guys posted as I continue to build my engine.
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Feb 26, 2002
North Carolina
I don't know your combo but I think your problem is in your tune; carb., timing, etc.. What is your setup? Initial timing? Total timing? Carb size, jetting? If you want help from these guys, you have to give alot of details.